Teaching Resources

We support faculty who are engaging their classes in climate stories work in two key ways—class visits and a curated collection of online resources (click to access Google folder), including relevant scholarly articles, articles on the lived experiences of climate change, sample class assignments, and more.


To help your students think about whose climate story they could tell through their Climate Stories projects, share these resources with your students:

U.S. Narratives: Lived Experiences of Climate Change Around Our Country
Global Narratives: Lived Experiences of Climate Change Around the World

Narrative Collections

Podcasts on Climate Change


2020-2021 Academic Year
rising coverLast year, we adapted our work both to pandemic disruptions and to the opportunity presented by the Common Reading Program's focus on climate change. Rising: Dispatches from a New American Shore by Elizabeth Rush is a Pulitzer-nominated creative non-fiction book that immerses readers in climate stories along our coastline—Maine, Florida, New York, Louisiana, California, etc. Rush also emphasizes the many injustices, including environmental racism, inherent in these stories. Last year we supported First Year Seminar instructors as they engaged their classes with this book:

  • Teaching Resources Related to Rising, a collection that focuses particularly on coastal climate impacts and climate (in)justice.
  • "Class Visit" videos that instruction can use with your classes in place of our pre-pandemic in-person class visits. Topics so far include a primer on global climate change, 2) an intro to climate impacts on human well-being, and 3) an intro to climate communication. 
  • Guide to Developing Creative Assignment Prompts related to Rising: While this guide focuses on the Common Reading book, most of these creative assignment ideas can easily be adapted as climate stories assignments in classes that are not using the book Rising.
  • Conversation with Author Elizabeth Rush, Co-Hosted by Climate Stories: Learn about Rush's work telling climate stories via this Common Reading Program event on September 29, 2020, co-hosted by Climate Stories co-facilitator Laura England.
  • Rising Readings: Elizabeth Rush's words and ideas come to life in this event produced by the Department of Theatre and Dance and led by Climate Stories co-facilitator Derek Davidson.